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Mellow Music Trip: Bells Atlas – “N C A T”

  • February 14, 2017
  • 1 min read

Bells Atlas


Bells Atlas has released their new stand-alone single, N C A T (Nothing Comes After This).  Having the mellowest sound, Bells Atlas is comprised of Derek Barber (guitar) Geneva Harrison (drums, percussion, keys) Sandra Lawson-Ndu (vocals, percussion, keys) and Doug Stuart (bass, vocals, keys).  Lawson-Ndu’s vocals can send you into clouds of ecstasy, she is that good, and the band has this amazing.  As Bandcamp Chief Curator Andrew Jervis puts it, “The future sound of Oakland. Shades of African, indie, electronic, and soul music in all the right proportions.”  As I said earlier, Bells Atlas makes you feel good, even when the Steelers lose the playoffs.  I love this band.

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