A Soulful Buffet: Dead Beat Horse – “Inglaterra”

Dead Horse Beats “Inglaterra” Inglaterra Swelling harmonics, jazzy intervals, soulful vocals, Dead Horse Beats sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard.  Dead Horse Beats is the project of multi-instrumentalist Patrick Wade.  The music he creates is complex, r&b tinged, progressive, classical, … Continue Reading

New Urban Protest: Paula Boggs Band – “Get Together”

Paula Boggs Band “Get Together” Songs Of Protest Finally, someone who’s been there in the trenches and gets it.  Songs of Protest is Paula Boggs and her band’s answer to the state our country is in.  What a beautiful album. … Continue Reading

German Progressive At Its Best: Irwin Schimdt & Kumo – “Beauty Duty”

Irwin Schimdt & Kumo “Beauty Duty” Electric Violet If you’re a fan of progressive rock or electronic music, you probably are familiar with Can.  If you’re not, shame on you.  Can was the definitive German progressive band along with Einsturzende Neubaten … Continue Reading