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Expand Your Mind: Golden Dawn Arkestra – “Lovely Day”

  • May 13, 2018
  • 2 min read
Expand Your Mind:  Golden Dawn Arkestra – “Lovely Day”

Golden Dawn Arkestra

“Lovely Day”

Children Of The Sun

Talk about a group that defies all attempts at classification, meet Golden Dawn Arkestra.  Their music sounds like Afrobrazilian funk, ancient Mayan music, Mongolian throat music, the folk music of Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, and ancient Chinese music, all over that funky beat.  This is true world music.  Golden Dawn Arkestra are primarily a live experience – their show is a spectacle, with 15+ members in Sun Ra-inspired costumes, dancers and their Sly Stone-inspired cosmic funk. Every show is a celebration of life, love, positive vibes and inclusiveness. They’ve been Austin, TX’s secret thus far but that will likely soon change.  This band is special; they even have their own code.  Listening and seeing them is a treat for the ears and the eyes.  I had to include this page from their biography:

The Golden Dawn Arkestra is an avant-garde collective combining deep grooves and cinematic textures. Adorned in shimmering regal robes remeniscent of intergalactic kingdoms of yore and featuring cosmic go-go dancers, The Golden Dawn Arkestra will keep your body moving on the dance floor while raising your consciousness past the outer most reaches of the cosmos. Come and join our journey…. 

Zapot Mgwana was born in Washington DC, he never knew his father but his mother, who worked for the Ethiopian Embassy, always told him Herman Poole Blount (Sun Ra) was his father. When Mgwana was nine they moved to Nigeria where he spent most of his formative years. He recently returned to the states and formed The Golden Dawn Arkestra.
Expand your mind, grow that third eye, enjoy the experience.  Funk it up.

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