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The Dream Is Released: Crooked Ghost – “Skeleton House”

  • May 14, 2018
  • 2 min read

Crooked Ghost

“Catch Fire”

Skeleton House

Finally!!!! Crooked Ghost has released their album, Skeleton House, and the whole piece is as great as the teasing the great single, “Sleepwalker/Only Nightmares”, gave us.  This is a great vision of dream punk at its best.  I really cannot say enough good about this band.  Coming from Asheville (my favorite NC city), the band consists of Ray – Voices/guitars, Charles – Guitar, Christopher – Bass , Alexandra – Keyboards, and Jon – Drums.  These are the new royalty of dream punk.  Just check them out.  Oh, here are the lyrics for “Catch Fire”:

catch fire
it’s almost daylight
your eyes
reflect the summer
I died
when you kissed me
strip the flesh
leave the bones for the crows
and now I’m old
I look so old

I surrender
I take flight
I can’t remember
I’m so tired
I am aching
I am swollen
when will they take me
I have lost it
carry me away
I burst into flames

catch fire
a thousand times again
your smile
crooked and laughing
I cried
when you left me
stained and ragged
out in the cold
and now I’m old
you look so old

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