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Summer Sounds: Kindo – “Human Convention”

  • April 15, 2018
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Summer Sounds:  Kindo – “Human Convention”


“Human Convention”

Happy However After

This is a great band that seriously challenges genre within music.  Are they rock, jazz, lounge, dance, psychedelia, or everything all in one.  Their progressive sound might baffle easy pigeonholing, but their sound is extremely beautiful and worth the lesson.  The album combines both rock and jazz undertones to convey a sound that is utterly unique to the band.  And unique is the key word (next to beautiful).  Band members are

The Kindo Family:
Joey Secchiaroli: voice, guitar, recorder of albums | 
Steven Padin: drums, percussion, voice |
Jeff Jarvis: bass |
Danny Pizarro: keyboards |
Mike Carroll: guitar, sizes, percussion, MIDIness |
Geraldo Castillo: percussion, voice |
John Baab: guitar |
Kelly Sciandra: keyboards |
Darren Escar: saxaphone |
All you listeners out there, that is one of the qualities that makes Kindo so wonderful:  they act as a family, with Mr. Secchiaroli acting as head of household.  I love this band.  Another perfect summer band.  Bring out your progressive nerdiness; it’s time to celebrate.

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