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New Emo: UV Rays – “Faster Now”

  • August 4, 2019
  • 1 min read
New Emo:  UV Rays – “Faster Now”

Photo Cred: Jordan Kenna

UV Rays

“Faster Now”

The Right Stuff

UV Rays have resurrected and transformed the great sound of 90’s emo with updated life and sound quality that is so good.  Coming from Brooklyn, of course, what started out as a bedroom project by guitarist / vocalist Adrien DeFontaine, Brooklyn four-piece UV Rays solidified their lineup in late 2017 and immediately began to churn out material for their first singles and EPs. UV Rays  – which also includes drummer / vocalist Erica Warner, bassist / vocalist Tim Marchetta-Wood and guitarist Danny Sullivan, have this tremendous vibe going for them.  The quavering voice of Adrien DeFontaine coupled with the smooth vocals of Erica Warner make this interesting harmony that is reminiscent of Exene and John Doe if X made emo.  This could be the soundtrack of a new series.  I just love this sound.  The other two songs on the EP have a rockier sound, but they still sound like UV Rays.  This band can do anything, and do it right.  Keep them on your raydar.

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