LIVE REVIEW: Adjacent Festival

The first of anything can be a hit or a miss, and for a multitude of reasons. In terms of music festivals, though, artist lineups can change at the last minute, forming lines at the entrance can seem confusing, and … Continue Reading

HEAR: Superviolet – “Big Songbirds Don’t Cry”

Steve Ciolek, Superviolet, returns with a new project that induces emotional sunshine and shows his fervor. The passionate and charming emo-pop song “Big Songbirds Don’t Cry” has the most peaceful and hypnotic acoustic guitar met with subtle drums and mellow … Continue Reading

LIVE REVIEW: Pitch Black Forever Tour Ft. Hawthorne Heights, Armor For Sleep and Spitalfield

The year is 2005. You’ve just finished applying the 946th coat of black polish on your fingernails while incessantly refreshing your MySpace home page. In the other room, your parents are arguing over the the blaring noise coming from your … Continue Reading

Film Music For Your Mind: Seasonal Beast – “I Can Make You Disappear”

Seasonal Beast “I Can Make You Disappear” Muscle Memory Don’t get too tranced by Yuli Beeri voice in “I Can Make You Disappear”, because the music will kick the shit out of your airiness.  This is great, surprising music.  Coming … Continue Reading