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Jump In: TrueHeights – “Exit Route”

  • January 13, 2018
  • 1 min read
Jump In:  TrueHeights – “Exit Route”


“Exit Route”

Days We Found

WOW.  What a powerful band.  TrueHeights new single kicks your ass from the first chord.  Wouldn’t it be great if all relationships provided that exit route to help you bail when things get rough?  TrueHeights explores that issue and comes to the conclusion that there is no such contingency plan, so just jump in (say it like you mean it, cuz I just want to believe).  I love powerful, alt bands that are not afraid to show emotion and true spirit.  TrueHeights’ mission is to bring back emotion and music (pure rock) to the UK scene, and I know they have done just that.  From Lemington Spa, UK, the band is comprised of Zakk Poland – Lead Vocals; Luke Poland – Lead Guitar;  Steve Maugham – Synths/Vox;  Ash Maugham – Bass Guitar; Kris Farrell – Drums;  and Alex Harry – Guitar/Vox.  Taken together, this is the greatest UK Band since the Brit Pop scene.  Wow, they were needed.  Oh, they are now signed to We Are Triumphant LLC.  A big move that will help both the band and the label.

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