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Ohio Pop Punk: all dogs – “That Kind Of Girl”

  • November 25, 2018
  • 1 min read
Ohio Pop Punk:  all dogs – “That Kind Of Girl”

all dogs

“That Kind Of Girl”

Kicking Every Day

One thing I have to give Ohio, they make great music.  It must be to make up for their horrible politics (being a born Ohioan myself, I know).  Well all dogs make up for that.  This is some of the best punk pop music to come out for a while, and coming from Columbus, which is a hotbed of great music.  Comprised of Maryn, Jesse, Amanda, and Nick, these guys kick ass but can also be quiet when needed.  Image the Lemonheads with Juliana Hatfield singing with herself and without the heroin chic and you got all dogs.  This is one of my new favorite bands.  Pop Punk has a new face, and it’s all dogs (sorry about that).

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