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Otherworldly Summer Music: The Brazen Youth – “You Could Not Provoke Me”

  • July 1, 2018
  • 2 min read
Otherworldly Summer Music:  The Brazen Youth – “You Could Not Provoke Me”
Press photo by Tobias Broucke

The Brazen Youth

“You Could Not Provoke Me”

Primitive Initiative

It’s seems so weird that the band got together in Lyme, CT (yeah, the town that gave its name to Lyme’s Disease).  But that is one of those coincidences that gives a band its character.  Comprised of Nicholas Lussier, Charles Dahlke, & Micah Rubin, The Brazen Youth get so much of their energy from the 300 year-old-farm, Ashlawn, they live on.  As their bio says:

Living up to the distinctness of its name, Ashlawn Farm is complete with rolling fields, a cabin, a 300-year-old farmhouse, a graveyard, and mythical creatures. The scenery of the farm plays very much into The Brazen Youth’s pastoral and atmospheric sound. The duo utilizes boundless wells of emotion and vulnerability to create something that is haunting, otherworldly, and melancholy – yet retains an immensely honest touch.

I say, there is an honesty and ancient naivete missing in a lot of bands.  They are jangly, tuneful, hummable, and definitely memorable.  I love this band.  Check them out.  They are the perfect summer treat.  (My favorite place is my cousin’s farm which sounds exactly like Ashlawn).

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