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Peruvian Stoner Metal: Rito Verdugo – “Sombras”

  • October 22, 2018
  • 1 min read
Peruvian Stoner Metal: Rito Verdugo – “Sombras”

Rito Verdugo



Roaring all stoked and stoned from Lima, Peru, comes Rito Verdugo.  This is one of the greatest stoner heavy metal I have heard since Judas Priest.  These guys are heavy and refuse to lighten up.  No doubt, there is such great music coming from South America, but, so far, no gets as wild as Rito Verdugo.  Think of Blue Cheer song in Spanish, but updated with intense production that lets all the instruments rip.  And above all that controlled chaos, Rodrigo Chavez’ voice is amazing.  The guitar work is insane, the bass all over the place (in that great Entwistle way), while the drums are powered by demons (I swear I smelled brimstone).  Rito Verdugo consists of Rodrigo Chávez – (guitar & voice); Carlos Del Castillo – (bass & chorus);
Alvaro Gonzales del Valle – (guitar); and Luis Rodríguez – (drums).  Give them a lesson.  You will not be disappointed, and your ears will bleed.

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