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Pessimism Made Murky: Kal Marks – “Heads Been Ringing”

  • August 25, 2019
  • 1 min read
Pessimism Made Murky:  Kal Marks – “Heads Been Ringing”
photo by Omari Spears

Kal Marks

“Heads Been Ringing”

Let The Shit House Burn Down

Dark, real, atmospheric, smothering with feedback and murky undertones, Kal Marks has produced an EP that reflects the mood perfectly of today.  Filled with the type of darkness and pessimism that Nick Cave and Tom Waits relished in, Kal Marks make the type of music you listen to a 3AM when you know the world is going to end.  Comprised of Alex Audette (drums & percussion), Michael Geacone (bass guitar), and Carl Shane (lead guitar and vocals), this band of miscreants from Boston have been going strong for over a decade and have put together, as their press says:

…another triumphant collision of sludge, folk, and art punk – deliberately unhinged and primal in a way that has become unique to Kal Marks.

This is one a the great releases of the year.  Kal Marks is a band that must be listened to.

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