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Raw Country: Sam Morrow – “Paid By The Mile”

  • October 21, 2018
  • 1 min read
Raw Country:  Sam Morrow – “Paid By The Mile”

Sam Morrow

“Paid By The Mile”

Concrete and Mud

You combine Stevie Ray Vaughn and Earl Scrubs with John Fogerty’s sense of melody and swampishness, you get Sam Morrow.  Down and dirty, this man can play.  He sounds like he came out of a honky tonk, too much whiskey and smoke, but beautifully sings about life, our life guys.  This is what country should sound like; raw, no strings attached, tough, and beautiful.  I love Morrow’s voice.  So will you.  This is as honest as it gets, guys.  As Morrow’s bio states:

Concrete and Mud “is about the fabric of America, and how the Mississippi is a metaphor for what binds very different people together,” says Morrow, whose album builds a similar bridge between opposing camps: country and rock & roll; the West Coast and the American South, concrete and mud. “The sentiment is,” he adds, “the things that unite us are stronger than
the forces that divide us.” 

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