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Rock Journalism At Its Best: PJ Harvey – “The Ministry of Defence”

  • April 15, 2016
  • 1 min read

pj harvey

PJ Harvey

“The Ministry of Defence”

The Hope Six Demolition Project

With the eye and pen of a journalist, PJ Harvey has fulfilled her wish to make a  great album decrying the pain and suffering in three major cities: Kabul, Washington, D.C., and Sarajevo.  Musically, this is the strongest album she has released for a long while.  Her musical ear has never been greater.  The sax on “The Ministry of Defence” is so unbelievably menacing, and the line, “This is the way world ends” is extremely frightening.  Again, Harvey has shown that you can make beautiful, serious music.  Harvey has been getting flack for being a “tourist”.  I believe that Harvey actually gives a damn, and that is why this album is so strong.  “The Ministry of Defense” might be my favorite song, but with an album so tight, it really is hard to pick a favorite.  The album was released today (April 15th), so get off your ass and pick up a copy.  I guarantee you will enjoy the music and words, and who knows, you might even be moved to do something.

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