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Rust Belt Garage Rock: The Naturalists – “Fortune, Always Turning”

  • October 11, 2015
  • 1 min read

the naturalists2

The Naturalists

“Fortune, Always Turning”

Home Honey, I’m Hi

The Naturalists have become one of my favorite bands.  I know I’ve reviewed them before, but you guys ain’t listening.  LISTEN!!!!!!.  This song is so great.  It encapsulates everything that IS The Naturalists;  the song starts out soft with quiet guitar work, and then all the sudden, the band plays hard and whips your frickin ass.  The Naturalists aren’t playing around: they are real.  They are such asskickers.  Of course, they are from Buffalo.  Sounds like this can only come from the rust belt.  Their new EP drops the day before Halloween, and I can think of no better time.  Oh, and the grapevine has it that their live shows are something that you cannot miss.

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