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The Next Big Brother: Kennan Moving Company – “Charades”

  • October 11, 2015
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Kennan Moving Company


The Most Definitely

Kennan Moving Company began as the solo project of Oliver Kennan (guitar, lead vocals). In May 2014, he recruited the rest of the band, which now consists of David Tedeschi (drums), Bennett Miller (bass) and David Luther (keyboards).  Their sound is a combination of rock, soul, and blues; a very eclectic brew that mixes into the right taste, just like a good cocktail, though this cocktail has a huge kick of Southern Comfort or Jack Daniels.  Kennan Moving Company remind me a lot of Big Brother & the Holding Company.  I do not think that is a coincidence.  I love the way Kennan Moving Company moves.  This is one of my favorite bands.  You really have to hear them (oh, some education for you:  not ever Big Brother song featured Janis (who I love with a wildness unmatched) on vocals.  Big Brother was a GREAT band).  History aside (and in the making), Kennan Moving Company is also a GREAT band.

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