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See – Grave Pool – “Through The Skylight”

  • March 8, 2015
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grave pool

Grave Pool

“Through The Skylight”


Lay back and get ready for the sonic trip of a lifetime.  Former frontman for the PA-based band Swiss Alps, Devan Kochersperger single-handedly wrote, produced, and recorded Mnemonics.  This is the music you should listen to while riding on the subway or bus to your boring job at the bank or the call center or where ever you work.  “Though the Skylight” is beautifully, synthesized-drenched, music that hides some disturbing melodies within its beauty.  It is no surprise that the video has clips from “James and the Giant Peach”. since Grave Pool’s music comes off as the musical side point to Roald Koal great children stories, with the combination of whimsy and danger.  Wonderful, beautiful music, Grave Pool is an extremely innovative and creative artist.  Welcome, my friend.

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