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See – Radclyffe Hall – “OMG”

  • September 28, 2014
  • 1 min read

radclyffe hall

Radclyffe Hall


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With a dark, synth-pop sound reminiscent of a cross between Meschelle Ndegeocello and Bat for Lashes, but with a twist of its own.  Dhy Berry, lead singer/bass, writes dark, funky songs that are just bouncy enough to dance to, but still wonderful for deep listening to get into the lyrics Berry twists around.  This band is wonderfully dark.  Their music is relentless funk, pop, synthesized groove.  Berry’s voice is smoky and beautifully dark.  The parallels between Radclyffe Hall and Bat for Lashes and Lorde are similar, but all three bands are different and original enough that Radclyffe Hall is certainly worth listening to.  The name is so much fun.  I LOVE THIS BAND. So Dark Gothic Synth.  OMG!!!!!!!  is absolutely right.


Radclyffe Hall

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