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See – The Highway – “Lose Control”

  • March 28, 2015
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The Highway

The Highway

“Lose Control”

Enter to Exit

Who told The Highway I love bass-heavy music?  The Highway came into being nearly a decade ago. Daniel Tortoledo (vocals/bass,) Ted MacInnes (drums/backing vocals,) Adam Douglass (guitar/backing vocals) and Griffin McMahon (keys/backing vocals) connected over shared influences and the nostalgia for classic psychedelic bands like The Doors and The Band, soulful artists such as James Brown, and experimental contemporaries, including Beck and The Flaming Lips.

You can really see the influence of The Doors on The Highway, though they twist it all to their own style.  No long, boring jams, no drum or bass or guitar solos, just plain psychedelic rock with heavy drums and bass and the guitar soaring above.  And the vocals?  The vocals are wonderful.  Very funky, very rocky, very original.  When you Tortoledo sing, you know you are listening to The Highway.  His voice is super unique.  Great band.  Give us more, more, more.


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