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Spiritual Trek: James Riotto – “Mineral King”

  • June 25, 2017
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Spiritual Trek:  James Riotto – “Mineral King”

James Riotto

“Mineral King”

Mineral King

James Riotto, formally on The Moanin Dove, is about to release his grand tribute to the beauty of the wilderness, and it’s extraordinarily uplifting.  As Riotto says:

“I am not a religious, or even spiritual person, except when I am hiking in the wilderness. Mineral King is a valley on the border of Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks in the Sierra Mountains, and it’s one of my favorite places that I’ve ever hiked. The seed of this song was planted in me after I ate some marijuana chocolate on a backpacking trip and was absolutely floored by the impossible beauty that surrounded me. It sent me on a train of thought about life and death and nature and God that has really stuck with me.”

His first song from the same titled album, Mineral King, has this great The Mountain Goats sound to it.  Riotto’s album is honest and beautiful, his guitar playing is amazing, and his ideas are true spirituality.  I love this music.  Next time you go hiking, or even if you want to pretend, let this be your soundtrack.  It fits the wild blue yonder.

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