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Submit!!: Crowhurst – “Ghost Tropic”

  • July 21, 2019
  • 1 min read
Submit!!:  Crowhurst – “Ghost Tropic”


“Ghost Tropic”


Crowhurst is such a great metal band.  Seriously, they are always going to surprise you, disturb you, give you nightmares, yet have you crawling back for more.  They go through so many subtle rhythmic changes in their songs; they are, no doubt, masters of their crafts.  Although you can tell a Crowhurst song a mile a way, each song is unique.  On Ghost Tropic, they slowly introduce you into a song, inviting you to participate in self-destruction, slowly seducing you unto you are in their clutches.  Enjoy the ride, do not fear the destination, give yourself over to their powers.  You are helpless to do otherwise.  (Oh, by the way, Crowhurst is one of my favorite bands).

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