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The New Party Anthem: Sunny Gang – “Godzilla”

  • September 27, 2015
  • 1 min read

Sunny Gang

Sunny Gang



And I thought Thrash Rap was dead.  Thank God I was wrong.  “Godzilla” by Sunny Gang is as fun as you can have.  After the first measure and your head is bopping up and down, you are paralyzed (probably emotionally). The Red Bull Sound Select band, featuring frontman Nasty Nate, Chris Bacchus on guitar, Joe Sap on bass and Marshal on drums, formed on campus at Rutgers-Newark in New Jersey in early 2012, where they began to establish themselves in the local underground, DIY punk scene.  And well they did.  This is the band I want to hear in a crowded, college bar.  They remind me of Faith No More or the Beastie Boys, but with a heavier sound and no DJ (thank god).  Perfect party song.  Put this on at your next anti-frat party, and watch the kids go wild.  So thrash I consider it punk.  Love this band.

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