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Total Breakthrough – Younghusband – “Waverly Street”

  • September 27, 2015
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“Waverly Street”


The quartet of Euan Hinshelwood, Joe Chilton, Adam Beach and Pete Baker have emerged from the dying psychedelic scene in Britain, breaking through into new territory.

” Younghusband was initially embarked upon solo, Hinshelwood transmitting fuzzy 7”s from his bedroom, until the band gathered flesh-and-blood members. Adam Beach (guitar), Joe Chilton (bass) and Pete Baker (drums) contribute the music’s involved, intricate parts and its neat complexities of texture. Hinshelwood still writes the fundamentals at home in South London, in his 8-track grotto, giving these songs an indelibly personal core.”

You can tell the roots of this band is in neo-psychedelic, but they have definitely stretched the envelope to develop a much more personal sound, very much like a marriage between the intimate sound of Damien Rice crossed with the wider psychedelic sound of the Stone Roses to create a sound so different yet so familiar.  This is definitely a band with a future.


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