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True Romantic: Casey Stratton – “Invocation”

  • September 27, 2015
  • 1 min read


Casey Stratton


Paper Ships

Casey Stratton is one of my heroes.  He had a record deal with a major distributor, but he found the structures of the majors to restricting.  So he cancelled his contractor, got a job as a music teacher, and started releasing his music independently through Bandcamp and other outlets.  His music is always breathtakingly beautiful and personal.  His new album, Paper Ships, is no different.  It starts out with a beautiful, heart-stirring instrumental that just fits perfectly with the rest of the album.  I recommend everything that Stratton has ever down.  You want music for your next romantic date; suffering from a break-up; or just wanting to fall in love again, listen to Stratton.  He is the incurable romantic.

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