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Ty Segall and Denee Segall – “Feel Good” – Harmonizer

  • August 22, 2021
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Ty Segall and Denee Segall – “Feel Good” – Harmonizer

I love Ty Segall’s approach to garage/psych rock, and when you combine all his guitar riffs with his partner, Denee, doing her best Flying Lizard’s, you have a great number.  As always, listening to Segall is like listening to the song put through the blender and coming out super smooth yet still rough.  According to Pitchfork:

While it’s all too catchy and generally non-confrontational to be considered self-subversion, it does feel something like Segall tearing off his Stooges shirt to reveal a King Crimson one underneath it.

It really isn’t that much of a stretch between the Stooges and King Crimson: both bands played with sound and vision; both pushed the envelope about music was to be; and both were in-your-face.  Segall is both technically advanced and in-your-face punk.  Segall produces albums faster the Lana del Rey, and none of them are the same, except for the brilliant guitar riffs throughout.

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