Back With A Vengeance: Asking Alexandria – “Into The Fire”

Asking Alexandria

“Into The Fire”

Asking Alexandria

One of my favorite screamo bands, Asking Alexandria, after a couple of years floundering around, are back with a vengeance.  Comprised of Ben Bruce – Guitar; Cameron Liddell – Guitar; Sam Bettley – Bass; James Cassells – Drums; and Danny Worsnop – Vocals, Asking Alexandria has everything that you need to be the perfect sceamo band; deep, insightful lyrics, heavy riffs with a beat to kill for, and vocals that rise from a whisper to a scream.  What a band.  It is so great to have them back among us. As their bio so uniquely states:

“Into the Fire” offers a beautifully combative, contradictory, and unrelentingly powerful message to the true believers who have stood by this band through thick and thin. “I wouldn’t take back a moment / Not one miserable moment / I’ll give it all ‘till there’s nothing left,” Worsnop sings. It’s most assuredly a genuine promise.

Beautiful music for all of us beautiful people.

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