Catch The Buzz: The Orphan The Poet – “Still Buzzin”

The Orphan The Poet

“Still Buzzin”

Terrible Things

First off, this video, beautiful and clever as it is, is a little difficult to watch.  But do so: it’s a perfect simile of that first date with the queen of your life.  Coming from Columbus, Ohio (go Buckeyes), The Orphan The Poets are comprised of David Eselgroth (vocals/guitar), Dakota Johnson (guitar), Jake Floyd (bass), and Sam Gordon (drums).  This is a great emo band.  I love their vitality, their sound, the perfect riffs, and Eselgroth’s vocals, which are reminiscent of Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World.  I had to quote the reasoning behind the great video.  I certainly couldn’t write it any better:

When asked about “Still Buzzin’”, singer David Eselgroth replied, “I was getting coffee one morning with our bassist, Jake, and I asked the barista how he was doing. The barista replied, ‘Dude, I think I’m still buzzed from last night.’ Jake and I laughed, but I couldn’t get that quote out of my head. I immediately went home and wrote “Still Buzzin’’ that day.”

And as far as the music video, David continued “When the idea of getting covered in 10,000 honey bees gets brought up for a song called “Still Buzzin’’, it’s hard not to laugh it off as a joke. Ridiculous, right? Where would we get 10,000 honey bees? But then there we were three weeks later, with the camera guys and the rest of the band watching as a bee expert ties the queen bee around my chin and proceeds to pour the rest on my face, like a bee shower.”

Obviously, The Orphan The Poet is a band that will do anything to get their music across.  I appreciate that, especially when the music is so beautiful as this band.  Talk of your bees’ knees.

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