Dadaism In Music: Fable Cry – “You Ain’t My Baby No More”

fable cry 2

Fable Cry

“You Ain’t My Baby No More”

We’ll Show You Where The Monsters Are

The inmates have taken over the asylum.  Originally founded by Zach Ferrin and his sister in 2010 who, together mastered guitar, violin, drums, accordion, glockenspiel, kazoo, banjo, ukulele, and cello, Fable Cry released their first full-length self-titled album in 2011. The band grew over the past several years to include members to play the aforementioned instruments: Joshua Dent (cello,) Jo Cleary (violin/vocals,) Scott Fernandez (bass,) Rachel Gerlach (drums).  A crazy mishmash of styles, Fable Cry is completely original.  There is no one to compare them to you.  Sounds a little like Gogol Bordello, maybe the craziness, but that is where the comparison is made.  Watching Fable Cry is like watching “Marat/Sade”.  (Look it up; you’ll get it).  They remind me of a continuation of the Dada Movement.  Love it.

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