Exclusive Interview with Jagwar Ma

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The Australian psych-dance band Jagwar Ma is set to release their sophomore follow-up to 2013’s Howlin’. The new album entitled Every Now And Then is set to be release on Friday, October 14th through their label Future Classic.

We got an advance copy of the record and we are incredibly impressed with the quality of this record. Every song on Every Now and Then is a quality track written with the passion of incredibly ambitious music artists. Tracks like “Give Me A Reason”, “Ordinary” and “OB 1” are absolute standouts that will leave you craving more and the good news is that you get much more from this first rate follow-up.

We got the chance to catchup with the band’s vocalist and guitarist Gabriel Winterfield and here’s what he had to say!

1. We recently read that you had a unique experience (near shark attack and living in the wild) going into the wild to find inspiration for ‘Every Now & Then.’ How did this experience shape the album (or not) and to follow that, where do you typically find inspiration for your songs/albums?

I think there is a lot to be said about managing input and output, living in a major city is a great vibe, great to soak everything up, but then at some point we find it best to get away, take up the natural world, and it be quiet enough so you can hear yourself think and see how you actually feel there.

2. Listening to this record has been a journey/experience/mind-bender. I, honestly, haven’t been as excited to listen to a record in a while. How was making the second record different from the first?

It was quite different, there were no expectations on Howlin’ and I feel like there was expectations on this one, in a way there was more white noise to get through.

3. Psychedelic music is more popular than ever these days with bands like Tame Impala, White Denim, Painted Palms, Halfnoise, etc. What turned the band on to this style and what bands influenced this?

Personally I find myself being more inspired by people than a particular genre, but on Psychadelia Jono and I spoke about the significance of Psych in Australia and we felt like it was connected very much to the landscape of the country, the vast expanse of the deserts, coasts and forests. Perhaps it’s in our blood to dream.

4. “Give Me a Reason”…what can I say, this is just a masterful track that I put up there with some of the better known classic rock songs. What was the process and thinking in creating/producing this track?

it evolved and mutated, taking different forms, melodically and structurally, we were conscious of some of it and other parts we let it breathe,
I interpret it as somewhere between the telling of a story, and then living a story in real time. Like a Charlie Kaufman screenplay..

5. You guys are quite performers and charismatic at that. Who or what inspires your performances?

The audience. And trying to not take anything for granted.

6. And lastly, what can we expect to see in your upcoming tour?

A new record! new lease on life, new everything, very excited.

Check out their latest single and video below:

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