Heartfelt Beauty: Isaac Gracie – “All In My Mind”


Isaac Gracie

“All In My Mind”

Songs In Black And White

Isaac Gracie is the male Angel Olsen.  He writes beautiful, lush, heart-wrenching songs which make you cry because of the beauty.  I love this man so much.  Let me quote his bio for you:

21-year-old British musician Isaac Gracie has the world at his feet. Growing up in Ealing, the son of poet, Judith Gracie, Isaac wrote his first songs at the age of fourteen.  Inspired by familiar greats in the Buckleys, Radiohead, Leonard Cohen, and Bob Dylan, Isaac had an instinctive knack for writing a devastating melody, and a voice honed to precision.

I know that Isaac Gracie touches me where most musicians would turn me off.  I can hear Cohen and Dylan, but also Joni Mitchell and Ami Mann.  Gracie is definitely an artist to listen to.  Go ahead: Cry.  It makes you a better person.

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