SEE: Fusion/Experimental Rock Trio | Gogo Penguin – “Everything Is Going To Be Okay”

GoGo penguin, everything is going to be okay, experimental rock, jazz, classical, fusion music

Photo Credit: Emily Dennison

For those of you new to Gogo Penguin they are a British jazz trio consisting of pianist Chris Illingworth, bassist Nick Blacka, and drummer Jon Scott, Their music is characterized by a blend of acoustic jazz, electronica, and contemporary classical music, and they have been compared to artists such as E.S.T. and The Cinematic Orchestra.

Gogo Penguin is an incredibly talented and innovative group that has pushed the boundaries of traditional jazz music. Their use of electronic elements and intricate arrangements give their music a unique and modern sound, while still maintaining a strong foundation in jazz. “Everything Is Going To Be Okay” is a testament to how strong this band is and how unique they are.

If you want to delve back a bit further check out their albums “v2.0” and “Man Made Object” are particularly noteworthy, showcasing their ability to seamlessly blend genres and create a cohesive, engaging listening experience. The group also puts on an incredible live performance, with their energy and improvisation skills leaving audiences in awe.

If you’re a fan of jazz or experimental music, Gogo Penguin is definitely worth checking out. They are a refreshing and exciting addition to the contemporary jazz scene.

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