SEE: HyeTension – “Mod Girlz”

Hye Tension 16


“Mod Girlz”

The Observer

HyeTension is an amazing band.  They sound better (and look better too) playing in a bathroom than most bands sound in the studio or on stage.  Their funky, almost Caribbean style on “Mod Girlz” makes a perfect unplugged song, while the bathroom supplies just the right acoustics.  (Just a side note:  CocoRosie recorded their first CD in their bathroom).  If you close your eyes, Chris Kasbarian – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar, sounds a lot like David Byrne from the Talking Heads, and that’s no slouch of a comparison.  The rest of the band includes Carter Auch – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals, Ryan Sheehan – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals, and Sam Khalaji – Drums/Backing Vocals.  If an acoustic piece sounds this good, I cannot wait until August 18th to get their EP, The Observer.  They are that good.

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