SEE: LaFlamme – “Falling Down”



“Falling Down”

The Birds Nest

WOW.  This is a band that has to be seen live.  A combination of the Ramones and AC/DC with the right amount of British snottiness, you get LaFlamme, a fuckin great punk band.  You can smell the sweat coming from this song.  I LOVE PUNK.  LaFlamme has all the right things going for them;  tight, hard, kick-ass, musical.  These guys have never forgotten what the Ramones taught us:  the best rock ‘n’ roll is a good melody played hard and fast.  You can tell that LaFlamme studied the 60’s garage band handbook, threw in their own personalities, and have crafted a new sound that is perfect for 2015.  Thanks for letting us remember that punk is still alive.

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