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Before We Forgot How To Dream

Music is not dead.  Stop the funeral.  SOAK is here.  Here is SOAK’s self-description:

18 year old Musician~Appreciates Dinosaurs and Dragons~ with funny bottom row crisscross teeth~Probably the same height as a leprochaun~

What she doesn’t mention is that this is the work of a genius.  Comparisons with Lorde are going to be forthcoming, but they are very different.  SOAK comes from Ireland and brings that Irish/Gaelic influence with her.  She claims the name SOAK was partly thought up by her mother as a portmanteau of soul and folk.  Her influences include Joni Mitchell, ABBA, Pink Floyd, Best Coast, and Laura Marling, but she really is in a league of her own.  Her debut CD, Before We Forgot How To Dream, is set to be released in June, 2015.  This reviewer can’t wait.  Her beautiful soprano and her boyish looks combine so wonderfully, and the song is just absolutely beautiful.  We will definitely be hearing more from SOAK.  Thank the gods.

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