Telling The Truth: The Molochs – “I Wanna Say To You”

Photo Credit: Tanner McCardle

The Molochs

“I Wanna Say To You”

Flowers In The Spring

The Molochs have done it again.  They are the best of plumbing into the best of Syd Barrett, combine it with Blur, and update and make the sound completely their own.  I love this band so much.  Why doesn’t the rest of the world know them yet?  According to The Molochs, this album is completely different from their previous work, American’s Velvet Glory, or to quote them:

So consider their new Flowers In The Spring a meticulously plotted counterattack against all things Moloch-ian, with clear, concise, immediate, undeniable, simple, direct pop songs, says Fitzsimons, each sharpened enough to cut through anything it touched. That’s what he needed to do, he says, because that’s what felt most true. Maybe it really was that simple, even if it wasn’t easy. Like he’d explain in a song with just seven words: “There’s something I wanna say to you.”

But to me, it’s just a stepping stone forward, a great, beautiful album, perfect for summer or all seasons.  Comprised of lucas fitzsimons and ryan foster, this is one of the best songs released in a while.

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