The Future’s So Bright: The Fantastic Plastics – “Under The Knife”

fantastic plastics

The Fantastic Plastics

“Under The Knife”


Anybody miss Alan from DEVO? (May he rest in peace).  Well, The Fantastic Plastics can help a bit.  These guys sound Devoish, but they aren’t: they are The Fantastic Plastics.  This band is so great.  They make me (this 80’s nerd) so happy.  I saw DEVO three times, so you know I’m a huge fan.  The Fantastic Plastics are as good as DEVO.  Their futuristic look and sound will never get tired.

According to Tyson Plastic, “The video toys with the phrase ‘Under the Knife’ by using animated collages to show an obsessed stalker creating his own mask from paper print outs of The Fantastic Plastics… The song itself is a bit of a paranoid tale of altering your identity in order to get a fresh start on life.”

Tyson and Miranda Plastic have done something so different.  It’s like DEVO added the girl singer from M’s “Pop Muzik” or they kidnapped Kate Pierson or Cindy Wilson from the B 52’s.  Whatever, The Fantastic Plastics has it all.  Oh, and the video has that great Pop Art/comic book look that helps sell the song.  But don’t think of them as a joke.  They are serious musician.  I love, love, love, love this band.  COME TO PITTSBURGH.

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