LCD Soundsystem’s ‘American Dream’ = Masterpiece

To say that LCD Soundsystem created an absolute masterpiece with American Dream is an understatement quite frankly. American Dream is everything we’ve come to love about LCD Soundsystem in one record. The dance-punk-electronic-rock band deliver their finest work with this … Continue Reading

Today Declared DAVID BOWIE DAY in New York & Blackstar is #1

January 20th has been officially declared David Bowie Day in New York City, Bowie’s Facebook has announced. Acting Commissioner Luis Castro of the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment will present the proclamation tonight during the curtain call of the final performance of Lazarus, the … Continue Reading

HEAR: Joanne Weaver – “Moonlight Serenade”

Joanne Weaver “Moonlight Serenade” Interstellar Songbook II From her second CD, this version on “Moonlight Serenade” is quite easily the most beautiful and yet creepy version ever recorded.  Sounding a little like Lana del Rey channeling Ella Fitzgerald, Weaver makes this … Continue Reading

HEAR/SEE: Arcade Fire’s Disco-fied Rock Masterpiece “Reflektor” w/ DAVID BOWIE

We at AudioFuzz don’t normally get this excited but Canadian indie-rock based outfit Arcade Fire has done the unexpected releasing a completely unpredictable single that not only strays from their typical genre of music but surprises us with a guest … Continue Reading

Beck – “Sound & Vision” – Interactive Video That Uses Your Webcam Beck has brought the idea of David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision” to life in this unprecedented live performance that features Beck on a round stage with several cameras angled around the stage facing Beck, the audience and the … Continue Reading