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Intimate Electronica: Suuns – “Watch You, Watch Me”

  • February 17, 2018
  • 1 min read
Intimate Electronica:  Suuns – “Watch You, Watch Me”


“Watch You, Watch Me”


I love Suuns.  They are such an intense, ambient, electronica, undescribably beautiful band that will definitely transfer your mind to some other plain.  From the beginning, Suuns (you pronounce it “soons”, and it translates as “zeroes” in Thai) have sought to do things differently. They formed in Montreal 2007, when singer/guitarist Ben Shemie and guitarist Joe Yarmush got together to work on some demos, soon to be joined by Liam O’Neill, Ben’s old schoolfriend, on drums and Max Henry on synth.  It seems odd that such a baroque chamber pop band with its strong rhythms and swooshing guitars and synths can also be so intimate. This truly is a wonderful sound.  Transfer your mind to another space and time.

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