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Political Yet Personal: The Gold Mask – “Dissipate”

  • January 17, 2016
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my gold mask 1

My Gold Mask


Anxious Utopia

I love this band.  They are always so deep, so great, so crisp.  I have to share their story of how they met.  After leaving Brooklyn, NY and Baton Rouge, LA respectively, My Gold Mask founding members Jack Armondo (Guitar, Vocals) and Gretta Rochelle (Vocals, Percussion) both took life detours in Albuquerque, NM. Despite running in the same social circles there, it wasn’t until they moved to Chicago IL, and had a chance encounter at a rooftop party, that the two finally met.  They started talking music, and made some great EP’s.  In 2013 they commissioned drummer James Andrew, now a full fledged member to round out their sound.  The band opened up the process even further, inviting fellow musicians like Mr. Kitty (Synths) and Adam Wayne (Bass guitar) to join in on the playful, yet mysterious, new sound of the group.  Rochelle’s song writing is often politically charged, yet emotionally charged and personal.  Check them out.

01. Forgive Again
02. Battles
03. Connect
04. Dangerous
05. Insomnia
06. Dissipate
07. Explode
08. Gone Gone Gone
09. Cautionary Lives
10. Lipstick Bruises
11. In Diamond White
12. Severed

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