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Post Punk Masterpiece: The Breeders – “Nervous Mary”

  • February 22, 2018
  • 1 min read
Post Punk Masterpiece:  The Breeders – “Nervous Mary”

The Breeders

“Nervous Mary”

All Nerve

The new Breeders album is due to drop in early March, and I can’t wait.  “Nervous Mary” is such a great song, as we’ve all come to expect from this, my favorite post punk band.  “Nervous Mary” starts slow, acoustically, then every all of a sudden, all hell breaks loose.  The Breeders are so perfect at screwing around with all your preconceived ideas of rock music.  I love them so much.  Long may they rock.  The Breeders are: Kim Deal (vocals and guitar); Kelley Deal (guitar and vocals); Jim Macpherson (drums); Josephine Wiggs (bass).  And they are on tour.  Go see them.

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