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Trauma: Be Calm Honcho – “Bad Man”

  • November 5, 2016
  • 1 min read


Be Calm Honch

“Bad Man”

I wrote about Be Calm Honcho in the past, because I love their sound so much.  I never thought that anything could make such an impact as the aural sound of  “Bad Man”, but the video is unbelievable.  Watch this wonderful video.  “I wrote this song for my kid brother in jail,” shares Be Calm Honcho’s vocalist Shannon Harney. “In and out of the justice system, various addictions, the whole gamut of trauma and trouble and family can go through. It’s very personal, it’s very dear to me and the themes it tackles are important to the people who gravitate towards my music.”  This video catches that wonderful trauma of the song.  Be Calm Honcho is going to be a HUGE band.  Watch out for them.

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