Chilean Punk/Pop: Bailarines Muertos – “Sinestesia”

Bailarines Muertos “Sinestesia” My favorite Chilean punk/pop rock band has released one of the most fun videos ever.  This smoothie being made looks delicious, and the music kicks ass.  These guys from Santiago, comprised of Sebastián González, Gonzalo Alarcón, Benjamín Soto, and Javiera Labra … Continue Reading

Aussie Eccentricity: The Stevens – “Pulling All The Facts Together”

The Stevens “Pulling All The Facts Together” Good Coming from Melbourne (what is in the water there?), The Stevens formed in 2011 around guitarists Alex Macfarlane (Twerps, Tyrannamen) and New Zealand-born Travis MacDonald, and were soon joined by bassist Gus Lord … Continue Reading