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Uneasiness At The Museum: Frankie Rose – “Red Museum”

  • July 16, 2017
  • 2 min read
Uneasiness At The Museum:  Frankie Rose – “Red Museum”

Frankie Rose

“Red Museum”

Cage Tropical

OK, imagine a world where Kate Bush and Brian Eno have a daughter who is as melodic as her mother and as inventive as her father, and you get Frankie Rose.  Artist/musician/genius, Rose has just released two singles from her upcoming album.  It is awash with vintage synths, like a soundtrack from a John Carpenter or other 80’s sci-fi movies.  The video for “Red Museum” is a good example of that.  This is a beautiful, creepy style song, and the video:  well, let me tell you this.  I am really thinking twice about approaching any odd displays at the museum.  Rose must have been watching Vincent Price movies when doing this video.  I really love Frankie Rose.  Her electronic/dance fusion is bringing the genre to new heights.  And when I compare to Bush and Eno, you can’t get much higher than that.  I hear her shows are unbelievable.  If she comes to a town near you, go see her.  I know I am.

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