Music As Healer: Sun Kin – “Bijak”

Sun Kin


“Kabir was a 15th-century Indian mystic poet and saint. The Bijak is the best known compilation of Kabir’s poetry, and holy scripture for followers of the Kabirpanthi religion. It is one of the earliest major texts in modern Hindi.  Kabir rejected false dichotomies—between Hindu and Muslim, Brahmin and heathen, body and mind. In the spirit of my namesake, Sun Kin rejects prescribed doctrines of rock, folk, and dance music.”  Sun Kin is Kabir Kumar (lead vox, guitar), Kevin Lehner (guitar), Phil Di Leo (keys and guitar), Nick Blossom (drums), and Bryan Lovett (bass).  Their sound is the beautiful mix of many cultures.  As their prelude states, Sun Kin is here to reject false dichotomies, something we all need to remember in times like these.  Music is always the great healer, and Kumar and his band have released that to the max with this beautiful song.  Listen and heal.

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