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Nebula Rock: Spooky Mansion – “Disco Bitch”

  • December 5, 2016
  • 1 min read


Spooky Mansion

“Disco Bitch”

Coming from a Nebula far away (or San Francisco, aren’t they the same?), Spooky Mansion have come to town to share their strange, rock n roll/surf/soul music with unwitting humans.  Comprise of Grayson Converse – Vocals, guitar; Marty Reising – Bass; Carlos McCone – Guitar; and Rob Mills – Drums, their message, if you accept it, is to make “(u)nparalleled music made for banging and hanging with chicks and dudes.  We don’t guarantee that you will get laid – but we practically do.”  What a great mantra.  Converse’s voice is like a tenor version of the yelps and cries of Sly Stone.  You never know where Spooky Mansion’s music is going to lead you.

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