Nick Jonas all grown-up and “Jealous”

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Say goodbye to the nice tame days of Disney, this JoBro has a slew of racy plans in store! Nick Jonas is set to release his first self-titled album on November 11th, but he has just let us in with a sneak peek of his first radio single, Jealous.”

If ever you can actually tell a song is written from the heart and can literally speak to the rage within, this is the time. The songwriter tells of the rush he experienced as “I turn my cheek, music up / And I’m puffing my chest.” It is no secret that the actor has the muscle power to level his dating competition, but I think he is ready to take Justin Timberlake on a run for his money. So, if you like some drums, then jump on this musical rollercoaster that is sure to delight.

In collaboration with his birthday on Tuesday, 9-16, Nick released the music video for “Jealous.” You can join him in celebrating by purchasing “Jealous” on iTunes now along with his other single, “Chains.” Plus his tour begins in just barely a week! I think all that’s left is the release of Nick’s clothing line. Where does he get such awesome style? #BomberJacket

To read the nitty gritty on the Jealous music video click here for our take!

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